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Men's Ribbed Yoke 1/2 Zip Neck Top Layer


Island Green Golf IGTL2005 Men's Ribbed Yoke 1/2 Zip Neck Top Layer

Island Green have introduced the IGTL2005 Men's Ribbed Yoke 1/2 Zip Top Layer. Designed from 2-way stretch fleece fabrics for added comfort and ease of movement ideal for comfortable and fashionable attire not only for the golf course but for all occasions. Island Green have designed this top to a high standard made from breathable, flexible materials that have moisture wicking properties, providing you overall with the latest technology and fabrics allowing you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever changing elements out on the course.

  • 2-Way Stretch Properties – This garment allows for 2-way stretch, side to side and will recover to its original position allowing for flexible movements on the greens
  • Breathable Materials – By only using fabrics which made from breathable lightweight properties this offers both comfortable and fashionable attire for all purposes
  • Moisture Wicking – This garment has moisture-wicking properties embedding within drawing moisture away from the skin for evaporation rather than being absorbed into the garment, ideal for a hot day on the course
  • Quick Drying – Made from materials that are designed for a quick drying process perfect for your wardrobe
  • Super Soft – Providing a soft touch garment, for a comfortable fit
  • Stylized with tonal zip with added chin protection
  • Proudly supporting the Island Green logo to the back of the neck
  • With adjustable waist pull cord at the hem of the garment, ideal for all shapes and sizes of wearers
  • Machine Washable 
  • Made from 100% Polyester