A Good Look at Goodyear Safety Footwear

10 Mar 17

Today, safety footwear is increasingly something to get excited about. As the trends in workwear venture further into designing more aesthetically pleasing styles, brands are stepping up to the mark, meeting the demand for a cool, casual looking footwear choice that also ensures safety standards are met.

After dominating the market share in the tyre industry due to their expertise in rubber, The Goodyear group have branched out into the safety footwear market. With Pan World brands at the helm, the UK and Europe now have access to a wide range of safety trainers and work boots, not only meeting certification requirements but leading on the style front as well. 


The Goodyear 1502 S1P safety trainer (above) is a modern sports shoe design inspired by styles seen in the track and athletics industries. Its lightweight construction with and anti-slip, heat and oil resistant outsole made from a rubber and phylon combination, this shoe is comfortable for all day wear. Featuring safety reinforcements that are free from metal, the composite toe cap protects the feet from falling hazards and a flexible perforation resistant mid-sole ensures you can have confidence whilst retaining freedom of movement.

This is the ethos of the Goodyear Safety Footwear collection, combining style and being light on the feet without feeling weighed down by the traditional and cumbersome structural constructions of other brands.

The striking look of a quality work trainer is what Goodyear Safetywear has mastered in their footwear range. Taking inspiration from brands leading in the athletic market as a blueprint for innovation, they’ve managed to craft lightweight safety shoes whilst concealing all the requirements for workplace safety certifications.

We’re talking about colour contrasts, like the signature yellow with a strong black, or the Goodyear blue punctuated with striking white detailing. With an option that is an easy fit for the workplace, but also are much more vibrant than a typical pair of work boots making the wearer feel incredibly at ease with the occasional trip down to the pub after work.

The range boasts styles from S1 and S3 rated shoes, to O4 and S5 rated Wellington Boots Goodyear brings an adaptable style of safety footwear to the table. So you invest in a brand that will kit out your fleet to avoid hazards in the workplace, with the perfect pair for the demands of whatever industry you work in.

Visit the website and download a digital catalogue at http://goodyear.panworldbrands.com/catalogues/ or email [email protected]