Lee Cooper Workwear connecting with Trade Professionals

07 Jun 17
Lee Cooper Workwear News 2017 issue 2

We will tell you how great our workwear is! The style, safety features and value all coming together to result in the Lee Cooper Workwear brand consistently strong in the workwear market. So to change the record we have extended our social circle. We’ve rallied up some experts and kitted them out with some top quality Lee Cooper gear to get their thoughts. We all love what we produce here and most of all we know your guys will too. Over the next few months, we look forward to sharing with you the latest form our panel! Here is what two of our esteemed experts have shared with us this month.

A Review of our New Shoe: LCSHOE097

We sent out a pair of the newly launched Lee Cooper Workwear Softshell Safety Trainer to a new friend Ady.  Ady reviews the latest workwear and PPE products on the market for his Youtube channel. Coming from the man himself we were excited to see what he thought of the latest addition to the Safety Footwear collection. It’s a great review and he picks up on key aspects of the design that we thoughtfully put into this shoe.

See why he thinks it’s a great shoe in his YouTube review here:

This style is available to purchase online now: LCSHOE097. Login to purchase to get in touch with Brad if you require your login details.

Lee Cooper Workwear Comes Up Tops!

Last week the rooftops of London were doned by happy grafter Samuel Conway, decked head to toe in Lee Cooper Workwear. He is spending the next few months improving the Travel Lodge and Holiday Inn worksites, and testing some workwear along the way. He’s documenting his thoughts on the kit he is wearing on social media, providing great information to potential buyers. What we love is that Samual is also raising awareness for having the correct safety equipment on the job. It’s great to see someone showing initiative and telling the masses how it’s done to stay safe.

Were supporting Samuel on his venture and look forward to seeing how he gets on.

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