Product Description:

RIPT Performance have created and designed the fashionable yet athletically supporting cropped hooded jacket the RCLSWT719. This hooded cropped jumper sports the iconic RIPT logo on the front chest and provides the wearer with a super-soft feel due to the high cotton-rich stretched material used within the garment, with an adjustable cord at the.

RIPT Performance have designed this hoodie to contain moisture wicking properties, ensuring that your perfect gym routine is moisture free.


  • Moisture Wicking – This garment has moisture-wicking properties embedding within drawing moisture away from the skin for evaporation rather than being absorbed into the garment, perfect for an intense workout routine

  • Quick Dry – Made from materials that are designed for a quick drying process perfect for your activewear wardrobe

  • Made from Easy Care Fabrics – We have incorporated nanotechnologies within this garment to provide a simple, easy care, wrinkle-free product ideal for all lifestyles

  • Part of a set - This garment is perfectly teamed with the RCLPNT720 High Waisted Cuffed Jog Pants

    Material: 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane


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