Product Description:

Goodyear the multinational world renowned manufacturing company presents the GYKP006 ergonomic knee pads. These strong hard wearing knee pads are designed to be worn with the Goodyear knee pad system to keep wearer’s knees protected against harsh hazards when spending long periods on knees.

The EVA foam material these knee pads are constructed in, absorb pressure from knees providing added cushion and protection, whilst the flexibility adds ultimate comfort and mobility.


  • Breathable Materials – By only using fabrics which are made from breathable, lightweight properties offering both comfortable and fashionable attire out on the site

  • Great fit for all wearers – One size fits all

  • Extra Features - Designed to be worn with the Goodyear knee pad system and is suitable for other trouser knee pad pockets

  • Extra Features - A strong head wearing and flexible kneepad to keep wearer protected for long period on their knees

  • Extra Features – Made from an EVA foam material

    Material: EVA Foam


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